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With the amount of piracy and the decline in CD and DVD sales, the modern day recording artist's album packaging is expected to scream much louder to grab the attention of a customer and hopefully convert that attention to an actual sale. Let's have a look at some of the ways that the artist can achieve this. 
Many mediums have been explored - like having deluxe versions; digital sales; limited editions; throwing in extras like DVDs and encrypting the data on the CD's and DVD's, all for the sake of salvaging piracy and dip in sales. 
Shooting professional photographs, comissioning seasoned designers to devise some eye-popping artwork for your new release and promotional items will most  definitely give you an upper hand against your competition. This in turn improves the potential of your new release being picked up by any random customer as it would have that "needle in a hay stack" kind of appeal. In short the designer and photographer make sure you're noticed and the rest is up to your content.
Another pointer is tying in your sleeve design with your promotional posters; Facebook timeline; Twitter page; YouTube Channel; your event flyers and Artist Profile - just to mention a few. This consistency creates a well-rounded look - giving you a more professional image. 
Implementing some of these guidelines bundled with your great marketing plan, may place you in a better position to rise above - or at least, minimize the possible effects that piracy and the dip in sales may have on the success of your next album. has devised several sleeve layouts (below) - that come seperate or bundled with promotional materials - to aid the recording artist, band or group in standing out and also spreading awareness of their brand in the process. Our pricing structure has been devised with affordability in mind as we understand the strain the overheads of printing may have on your budget - especially for independant and / self-funded artists. 
We have been designing Album CD and DVD Cover Designs since 2005, see some of our work here
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